Shamash SPA


Shamash is a healing space.

According to oriental traditions, healing is not just about disease, but also about continuous self-improvement and self-care. It is about exercising on a daily basis and constantly searching for physical, mental and emotional health. It is about balance, reaching and keeping a state of wellbeing, even when these moments may seem too brief.

Shamash is willing to offer you a perfect healing experience, stimulating you to feel great. Live magical states of wellbeing and make them linger.

The touch, landscape, music and scents of the Shamash essences reach your every sense and cause subtle and sensitive transformations, which promote a sense of wellbeing. Feelings of freshness stimulate, replenish and relax our senses.

Txai is the only resort in Brazil that provides the experience of a unique selection of practices and treatments taken from ancient cultures and enhanced with a special fusion of spices from Bahia.



We count on the following rituals at Txai Itacaré Resort: Purification, Deep Relaxation, Beauty Ritual, Male Ritual, Step on the clouds, Hot Stones, LOMI LOMI (Loving Hands), For Pregnant Women, and Part of your body.



Among the aesthetic treatments we have: Lymphatic drainage, Hydrating Body Wrap, Facial Mask, Skin Cleansing, Hydrating Mask, Spa for the feet and hands.



Txai Itacaré offers the following therapies: Watsu, Shirodhara, Yoga (individual class), Purifying Bath and Ibeji Bath.



We offer the following options: Ayurvedic, Tui Na, Shamash and Special Shamash.