Your wedding at the Txai

All your dreams will come true. The Txai Itacaré is the perfect Wedding Destination for you. Bride and groom, family and guests will enjoy a full weekend, celebrating this unforgettable union.

Here your “Happily ever after” begins…

The Txai Itacaré team takes care of every detail, dedicating a whole weekend to your wedding celebrations. From the welcome luau to an exclusive ceremony. From the unforgettable party to the late breakfast. At the Txai Resort Itacaré, the wedding will remain in everyone’s memory and heart forever.

Positive energy and pleasant moments are frequent at the Txai Itacaré. And it all starts with an amazing welcome luau for the family and friends of the couple. It’s the perfect occasion to reinforce the union between the families and relax with friends, receiving hugs and smiles from those you love.

The wedding ceremony at the Txai Itacaré counts on extremely beautiful sceneries and an impeccable structure. Everything is made according to the preference of the bride and groom, taking into account affinity and the personality of the couple. Nothing is impossible when dealing with such an important moment as a union for love.

A wonderful sunset opens the much-awaited party of the bride and groom. Any dream you may have can come true at the Txai Itacaré. The day-after party starts with a magnificent sunrise. And the late breakfast gathers the guests to enjoy one more day in this Bahian paradise.

The Txai Itacaré cuisine will also be available for your wedding. Techniques of the contemporary cuisine are used to provide unique flavors and aromas, both in traditional recipes and in modern dishes. Everything will be perfect at your party.

When you reach this great moment, even nature is in harmony with the celebration. From the top of the Shamash Healing Spa, your ceremony will be held overlooking the paradisiacal Cocoa Coast. You may also hold your wedding ceremony just a few steps from Itacarezinho beach. Whatever your choice is, our landscape will always be the scenery of your dreams.

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